Social Media Policy

With the social media revolution upon us in full force, most companies (big and small) are making their presence known on social media. One thing that most companies forget to implement early on is a social media policy. A social media policy is a written code of conduct that provides rules for employees who post content on the Internet either as part of their job or as a private person.

The importance of a social media policy is to protect your brand’s presence online. Having this written set of rules (some are 1 page and some are 10 pages) will help maintain a uniform standard of what is allowed to be said about your company by employees online.

Here are a few suggested items to include in your social media policy:

  • Present the purpose of this policy
  • That employees are to be responsible for what they write
  • To always be real and authentic
  • To Be aware of copyright laws
  • Encourage employees to always use your judgment

It is always better to over explain each “rule” and make sure you cover your basis. If you don’t know where to start with writing your policy, know that there are templates available online OR you can hire a professional (hint, hint).

To see a sample of Blair Kaplan Communications’ social media policy please leave send us a tweet @BlairKaplanPR saying: “I’d love to see your social media policy @BlairKaplanPR” and we will get in touch with you via DM for your email address.

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