App Review: Squareready

You know what I found annoying, once upon a time? My awesome pictures not fitting into the square shape on Instagram. This was forcing me to edit my pictures and at times, compromise their integrity. I sucked it up until I discovered an app that helped fit my pictures into the shape of the square with no cropping: Squareready.

This app is free (yes) and there are upgrades that you can pay for!
This is a super user friendly app and it tells you what to do first, second and third:
So, first you select the image you want to fit into a square shape:
What to press second (which is how you want to fit the picture into the square shape….there are a few different options):
What to press third (which is saving or exporting to social media or another app):
All in all this is a great app that anyone who uses Instagram should have. Also, square images look better on Facebook than vertical images (weird, I know).  This app also integrates other photo editing apps, if you are an advanced social media user and like to fiddle with your pictures.  As far as freeness goes, this app is pretty good. Which app do you use to make your images fit into a square?


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