Enhancing the Selfie

A “Selfie” is commonly known as a self-portrait photo. When taken tastefully and with a purpose, these can be great photos. It is not recommended that all of your posts on social media be selfies unless you are travelling alone, which (according to me) is the only acceptation. If you are someone who posts more than 10% selfies on Instagram, I will unfollow you because I don’t need to see 300 pictures of your face. To be honest, if this is you, you seem like a narcissist.

Recently, there was an Internet hoax that went viral about selfies being linked to mental disorders. Although this isn’t (fully) true, we did begin to understand selfies a bit better. To read the FORBES article about this subject, click HERE.

So, what can we do to help fix this selfie epidemic we are having in society? We can use tools to help take better pictures that will help these selfies look better and less like a selfies. These tools are a good start: 

Selfie Stick: This is considered a monopod used to take a selfie by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm. This will allow more of the background to end up in the image and will allow you to fit more people in your shot. You will have an extra “thing” to carry around and you may look a little silly, but you will get decent results when using it. It’s important to note that some places banned selfies sticks, like concert venues and museums. 


Timer: Cameras and most modern phone cameras have built in timers. Play around with this feature and lean your phone against a stationary object. This will help make the image look like it was taken by someone else.


Pic Stitch:  You took a regular and boring slefie so why not funk it up? Apps like Pic Stitch will allow you to edit, add multiple frames and help you make your picture look more interesting. What’s better than 1 big image of your face? Well, 9 small images of your face, perhaps?


Selfies don’t need to be boring and they certainly don’t need to be a close-up of your face (all the time). What are your selfies tricks?

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