Flirting with Instagram

If you have a business and use any type of social media, a platform that you should be on is Instagram. I have a big crush on this platform and I’m always flirting with it. Perhaps it’s the fact that it allows be to dabble in iPhone photography or that I can edit my pictures to make them super rad? Who knows? The one thing that I do know, for sure, is that people LOVE looking at photos and with some of Instagram’s features, you are able reach a lot of people by doing a few simple things, such as:

Be creative: By having creative images, you are drawing people to your account. With the editing features, like the filters, tilt shift, crop, etc…, it allows you to create an image from the image that you took. I’m a big fan of brightening up my photos and my favourite filter is Lo-Fi.

Use hashtags: A hashtag will help categorize your post. You can include them in your post, under your post or in your comments. You can search hashtags to see who else is posting similar content and it’s a great way to connect with new people. You can also “invent” your own hashtags and by being repetitious, you may get other people using them to.

Follow users: Sometimes, people don’t know you are on Instagram unless you follow them. You can find people by searching names or hashtags. If you are liking other people’s photos they may show you gratitude by following you, especially if you are posting interesting content.

If you are concerned that you can’t think of images to post (personal and business), don’t fret. This isn’t meant to be a shrine to you but it is a shine to the things that inspire you. Posting pictures of nature, people, places, things, etc… is a great way to create conversations. Remember, it’s important to include copy with your posts if you are using Instagram for business because you are building relationships and people want to know what you have to say. Have nothing to say? Use an emoji or 1 hashtag (#inspired, #Vancouver, #life…you get the drift).

Here are a few images that I’ve posted and hopefully, I’ve inspired you to fall in love with Instagram, too:

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