Top 10 Reasons Why Texting With Clients is a Bad Idea



Isn’t it annoying when someone does just that? I’m talking about texting you over and over again when you don’t respond. Yah, it’s annoying. I know that I don’t always carry my phone with me 24 hours a day, I go to bed early and I like to detach (sometimes). What’s even worse is when it’s a client….

Sometimes, texting is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with someone. You can type it out, send and get a reply without physically speaking with the other person. For me, this is ideal when communicating with my mom and dad or have something funny to share with friends. The thing about texting is that anyone can send you a text message, at any time of day, and everyone has different expectations of response time and etiquette. Here are 10 reasons why texting with clients might be a bad idea:

  • It is hard to have a proper and professional conversation about important topics over texting.
  • Texting allows one to multitask and they may not be paying attention to the conversation (which is a bad thing if it is important).

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