Committed to Quit Being So Overcommitted

I like to be busy but recently I suffered from something that happens from time to time that has reminded me to chill out. I am a victim of overcommitting! You see, sometimes things come up that I have to/want to say yes to and think that everything will be okay. I forget to factor in where I live, the cost of gas and the value of my time.

Although I live in Pemberton I still volunteer for Ovarian Cancer Canada and make sure I’m at both of their big Vancouver events: Love Her and the Walk of Hope. I also have friends in Vancouver and friends who visit Vancouver, so I make sure I pop in, as well. Over a 2 month period I managed to schedule myself to be in Vancouver 5 times, Winnipeg once, Calgary once with a possible trip to Harrison for a meeting. I also took on a few projects, on top of my regular work. I’m currently working out at the gym and learning to mountain bike. Oh yah, it’s also camping season and my first trip will be next week. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if Vancouver wasn’t 2.5 hours away from Pemberton but the drive is pretty, so I can’t complain too much!

Here are a few things that I’ve learnt about overcommitting:

  1. You did it to yourself so deal with it and remember this feeling the next time you say YES to everything.
  2. You want something to get done? Give it to a busy person. I may be busy but I’m getting  A LOT accomplished.
  3. Value your downtime and choose your activities wisely. Rest. Relax. Laugh.
  4. If you need to give something up, that is okay. Be honest and remember that your health is the most important.

I have began listening to podcasts so I’m maximizing drive time with educational and informative shows. Also, I make sure to only take on the things that I LOVE and really want to take on. I know there is an end in sight and I want to avoid burn out. So, moving forward I’m committed to quit being so overcommitted. How have you coped with overcommitting in the past and do you have any podcast recommendations?


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