Find Your Balance

You may have heard me mention that I’m working on balancing my energy. We all have masculine and feminine energy and they have nothing do with gender. I’ve been living in more of my masculine energy while trying to keep my head above water these last few years.

But now, I am bringing in more feminine energy into my life as I move from survival to thrivival. I am shifting to a state of balanced energy and it is beautiful.

❤️ I am working less and playing more.
🖊 I am meditating and writing in my journal.
👠 I am reviving my love for dressing in pretty and sexy things.
✨ I am bringing more sparkle into my life.
🎶 I am listening to more music.
🎨 I am creating more.

Life is all about balance and I’m working hard at finding mine.

I am working on resting more and being more present and you know what? I love it! What do you do to tap into your feminine energy? Let me know by commenting below.

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