Don’t Be Normal

The word NORMAL confuses me.

What does it really mean, anyways? The definition says that “normal” is the usual, average, or typical state or condition. When it comes to certain things, who decides what the status quo should be? What are the factors that go into deciding what is considered normal? Who are the authorities of normal?

I have never been called or considered normal.

Really, based on this definition, I think that my life, my family, my career and my friends are anything but normal. Being a normal person, living a normal life with a normal family and normal friends isn’t even a real thing. No one is normal.

We are all weird.
We are all beautiful.
We are all eccentric.
We all have secrets.
We are not normal.

Being alive is messy and exciting. Being YOU is anything but normal and that is 110% okay. I’m anything but normal and am damn proud of it!

When you are feeling weird and out of place, embrace it. You are the only you and that is so so special.

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