Honey, I’m Home!

As you may know, I have been very busy helping other people’s brands grow but have put my own brand on the backburner. Weird, right? It’s common for entrepreneurs in my industry to suffer from the same symptoms of “too busy to do it” but I’m back and ready to revive the blog for blairkaplan.ca.

So, what have I been up to? As you know I now have a new website thanks to Yassin & Ward. I love, love, love it and think it reflects who I am as a person and business. I’ve also been working for Whistler Transit and recently have taken on the role of Communication Coordinator for PWTransit. This is great because I get to help spread the word about how fantastic of a company they are. Nothing gets me more stoked than scoring sweet media coverage.

For just over a year I was working with a local company, Custom Fit Online, and focused on online communications for their company and clients. I’ve also been working with my own remarkable clients and watching their brands grow every day!

On a personal note, I’ve began to ski in the winter and camp on weekends,  in the summer. I’ve also taken up fishing and mountain biking. Pemberton, where I now reside, is basically summer camp for adults and breathing in the air is better than drinking from the fountain of youth! It’s a very inspirational place to live and grow and I love how it sparks a lot of creativity inside of me.

I’ve also never eaten so much organic vegetables and fruit in my life. It grows EVERYWHERE here and I’m lucky that it’s at my fingertips This allows for a very healthy lifestyle. Some awesome farms here are Laughing Crow Organics, Bandit Farms and Icecap Organics. I also have a garden that my significant other maintains (because I don’t have a green thumb) and if I’m lucky, I get a lot of raspberries. YUM!

So, the goal is to post at least 1 blog post here a week (on Tuesdays) and anything else posted will be a bonus to you. Feel free to subscribe to my RRS feed so you can learn, laugh and grow! Once again, I’m sorry that I’ve left you for so long but….HONEY, I AM HOME!

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