The Social Media Tactical Plan

I’m a planner. I love plans. I love lists. I actually love writing everything out by hand! I do have the ability to spontaneous but most of the time, I need a plan (even if the plan is to be spontaneous). Who can relate?


Regarding social media, I feel like I’ve done it all: posted with a plan and posted completely rogue. Let me tell you what works out best, have a social media tactical plan with a dash of spontaneous, in the moment, posts.  There is no “rule” about how to make a plan for social media but a few things to keep in mind when creating a social media tactical plan are:

  1. Social media goals
  2. Which platforms you will be using
  3. Who will be accountable for content creation and social media account management
  4. Customer/Client personas
  5. How creative you are willing to get

There is no industry standard template to follow when creating a social media plan but it needs to address: objectives, action items and key metrics. The best thing to do is to break out each platform and focus on these three things. This can be done in bullet point form and acts more like a list and less like a “report.” There are a few companies out there who have templates and guidelines and one that I’m fond of are Marketo.

Remember to review your final social media tactical plan with your whole team and engage your employees. This will be helpful when needing to source images, stories, testimonials, videos, etc…. If you create a plan and feel like it’s not working, that is okay. All you have to do is look at WHAT IS working and rework your plan. Still feel lost? Drop me a line and I can help you create a social media tactical plan that will create conversations:


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