How do you find alignment in business + life and what the hell is it anyways? There are so many concepts, ideas, descriptions of what alignment is but we definitely know it is NOT a straight line. Tune in as Blair + Theresa talk about what alignment means to them and how it has given their businesses the Momentum they desire to achieve their goals and live out their purpose every day. Imagine you trusted yourself as much as you trusted the sun to come up tomorrow. Here is to feeling the pull and being in alignment with us. 

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About the Hosts:

Blair Kaplan Venables is an expert in social media marketing and the president of Blair Kaplan Communications, a British Columbia-based PR agency. As a pioneer in the industry, she brings more than a decade of experience to her clients, which includes global wellness, entertainment, and lifestyle brands. Blair has helped her customers grow their followers into the tens of thousands in just one month, win integrative marketing awards, and more. She has spoken on national stages and her expertise has been featured in media outlets including CBC Radio, CEOWORLD Magazine, She Owns It, and Thrive Global. Blair is also the #1 best-selling author of Pulsing Through My Veins: Raw and Real Stories from an Entrepreneur. When she’s not working on the board for her local chamber of commerce, you can find Blair growing the “I Am Resilient Project,” an online community where users share their stories of overcoming life’s most difficult moments. 

Theresa Lambert is a High-Performance Lifestyle and Success Coach, Speaker, and Bestselling Author of “Achieve with Grace: A guide to elegance and effectiveness in intense workplaces. She founded her coaching and consulting firm, Theresa Lambert Coaching & Consulting Inc., to help ambitious women succeed with more elegance and less struggle so they can lead with focus and nourish themselves to the top. Drawing from her nearly 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and most recently her 6-year tenure as the General Manager of Nita Lake Lodge she brings both a real world view and proven applicable tools to support her clients. Theresa has been recognized as a business leader in Whistler’s Profiles of Excellence, featured in Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Hotelier Magazine, and Beyourown, and spoken at Women in Hospitality Leadership events, including Empower Her. Originally from Stuttgart, Germany, Theresa now lives in Whistler, BC where you can most often find her on the golf course in the summer months or relaxing by a fireplace in winter.


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Blair Kaplan-Venables:

Ever wonder what success actually means?

Theresa Lambert:

How do you get it?

Blair Kaplan-Venables:

And how do you keep it?

Theresa Lambert:

We all want it yet sometimes it feels only some of us get to have it.

Blair Kaplan-Venables:t's be real for a hot minute.:Theresa Lambert:

Can you put it in a box? How can you get it? Can people take it away? Or are you the one with the power?

Blair Kaplan-Venables:

Does it mean the same to all of us? Or are we the ones that create it?

Theresa Lambert:

From PGA golf bros to doctors, CEOs, entrepreneurs and spiritual mentors, we get together to meet with successful people from around the globe to dissect success for vibrant conversations and interviews. Make sure you click the subscribe button on the app store because each week we will drop a new episode to bust through the myths around success and dissect its true meaning. Who's ready for the most badass and massive uplevel in their business? It is back what's back momentum land Teresa's signature six month business and mentorship accelerator is now open for enrollment

Blair Kaplan-Venables:

10 entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to join us exclusive experience that kicks off December 15. This VIP program includes two to one coaching monthly masterminds and training sessions plus unlimited access to get your questions answered in real time.

Theresa Lambert:

Imagine where you can take your business into six months that we will work together,

Blair Kaplan-Venables:

ready to give your business the momentum you desire. Head to Teresa Lambert coaching comm backslash momentum to secure your coveted spots. Welcome back. Here we are Episode 40 of dissecting success. And today we're talking about alignment. And we think it's really cool because we were just jamming on what we want to focus on having some conversations about what's going on in our businesses. And then the word dropped in alignment. And then Theresa say, wow, this is Episode 40. So that is very aligned. So Theresa, why don't we start off with like, what is alignment? What does alignment mean to you? Because there's various definitions. And like, sorry, I should probably like, you know, I googled the definition. And the first one that comes up is arrangement in a straight line. And I think that's bullshit, because nothing in business is in a straight line. But the definition of alignments in a correct or appropriate relative position could make a bit more sense. But again, those are really boring and vanilla definition. So it's like what is alignment?

Theresa Lambert:

Yeah, alignment is definitely not just when you said that I always fell over, I was like, straight line, it was like, there was no alignment. Okay, like there was no alignment between the official dictionary description of alignment and my idea of alignment, like, zero, it's more like, it's more like a bundle of joy.

Theresa Lambert:

No alignment. God, I feel like there's so many layers of alignment, you know, there is alignment, that I have been more learning about in terms of really aligning your desires and your, you know, your vision with the frequency in which they can be found, which is very deep. And that's something that I'm really just sort of more and more like studying. But for me what I have always found alignment, like if I would have to define it like for myself, I would really say that, for me, alignment is the connection, or the red Fred that connects our actions based on the vision that we have for our life. And I base that vision on how we desire to feel ultimately and then set goals like I reverse engineer them backwards from how I want to feel rather than, you know setting the goal and then having a goal determined not and then basically once I know how I desire to feel ultimately in this vision, yesterday's goals, yesterday's things in it, but every day, what actions I can take intentionally to move me towards that even if it's just an inch closer, and that to me is alignment and the There's a lot of work to be done because our mind just plays a lot of tricks with us and can go on the rabbit hole. And, and actually, when I wrote my book achieve with grace, I IVT went into the depths of your story and the stories we tell ourselves and how they impact the reality that we create, ultimately. And, yeah, that to me is a line like the way I have always looked at alignment or not always, but ever since I've gotten into the personal development world. And yeah, now learning that there is more alignment that we can do in terms of aligning with energetic frequencies to to I guess, supercharged up into the quantum

Blair Kaplan-Venables:

Whoo, you just got super philosophical there into the quantum I did, I am

Theresa Lambert:

a bit of a philosophical mind, you know, I always have been I, I studied philosophy at the university for one year.

Blair Kaplan-Venables:

What's quantum? What's the quantum?

Theresa Lambert:ally, like the fact that it's:Blair Kaplan-Venables:

And I think that's brilliant, like I love the way you explain that. And back to alignment, alignment. Is the thread that threads everything together in that quantum. And I think what's really important for us to understand is that alignment is different for everyone. And knowing how we determine if we are aligned with that client aligned with that project aligned with that cause align with our extra curriculum aligned with basically everything in our lives. And how do we know like, how do we know if what we're doing is right? And how do we know if what we're doing is wrong? And I can tell you for sure that there are no right or wrong answers with this. But I know that one of the indications that I'm on the right path is that I'm excited. Ideas drop in, I have that passion. You know, I speak what I want to speak, I do what I want to do I create, I attract I build, I know when a client or a project isn't in alignment, because it feels like a chore. It's a drain, I feel it in my guts. I know. So and I think I'm better at knowing when something isn't in alignment with me then when it is. Yeah, I love that Blair, you

Theresa Lambert:

know, and I think something that you just said, I think is really important. Because I I feel that's the key. I feel not I think, right? Because our thoughts are like, you know, there's a lot that comes in and like you have years of studying this stuff. I you know, I can step back. But in order for me to make decisions that that feel aligned, I have to feel out the decision, not think for the decision. And it's so beyond what logic can comprehend sometimes. And I think it I think now I said it, but I believe that our intuition that gut feeling, you know, but when you just have this like it and we say this, right? Like we say this in it guarantee, like I would bet that every single person listening to this podcast episode right now would have set at least once in their life, I have a gut feeling. I have a gut feeling about x, right, I have a gut feeling about working with a client, I have a gut feeling about what my month is going to what's going to happen this month, right? I have a gut feeling about this. And I have to say that throughout my entire life, when I listened to my gut, it feels good. And that decision has always led to something magical, sometimes more magical than I could have even imagined. And I have to remind myself of that regularly. Because, you know, it's it's easy to turn that intuition off or to not feel things out. Because we've been taught to think things through make the list, you know, look at you Broadcom. And to me, that just doesn't work because I get so confused with everything that's coming in. So I literally connect to my gut, like feel this thing out. And when I feel out the choice when I feel out what's next when I feel dots when I find trust easier. And that's when it feels more aligned again, right. But then from that feeling, once I have no awareness of the feeling, I can then make a choice of what action I'm going to take. And that action generally then matches me with the path towards the vision or goal that I have.

Blair Kaplan-Venables:

Yeah, that's so right. And I think a big not I think I know a big part of alignment is the people in your life. So yes, there's goals and like tasks and projects. But let's talk about the people in your life. Let's talk about the alignment with the people in your life, right? You have as a person, maybe core values, maybe you've written these out, maybe you don't know, but like, for example, integrity, integrity is so important to me. And if I come across someone who wants to work with me, and I determined that they may not have the same level of integrity as I do, it's not the right fit. And sometimes I learned that a little bit down the road. Maybe I have a friend and the friend and I you know, we're just getting to know each other and they say something that puts off a red flag. red flags are really important. And so I think being aligned with the people around you, the people that you do business with your friends is so important because you spend a significant amount of time with these people in your sphere, whether you're following them on social media, recording podcast episodes with them, calling them when you're in like an emotional crisis. I don't really know. But I know that the people in my life I'm aligned with and I feel like there's power in alignment, like Teresa and I started this podcast because we were having brilliant conversations because we have alignment. And then because of the podcast, we started momentum and we started that because there is a lot of alignment and we attracted people into our first cohort of momentum because there is alignment, these people saw an opportunity to work with Teresa and myself so that we can help them give their business the momentum, it needs to move forward, because there is alignment. Right? And so how do you know if someone's aligned with you? How do you know? And maybe less spoke? Like, you know, some of you listening aren't entrepreneurs? Maybe? Maybe you are. But I guess speaking about entrepreneurs, because that's what Teresa and I both, you know, know, know really well is how do you know if you're an entrepreneur listening to this, if you're aligned? How do you know if you're aligned? For example, with me and Teresa, maybe you've heard us talk about momentum? And you're like, well, I wonder if I am aligned with Blair and Teresa, how do I know that Teresa? How would someone listening know if they're aligned with us?

Theresa Lambert:connect with you. In January:Blair Kaplan-Venables:

just like organic. It just all falls together. People ask me that, too. They're like, how did you entries to get into this? How are you guys coaching together and because trees have our own businesses, we focus on very different things, there is a bit of overlap. But but that gravity pull that alignment was so natural, and sometimes, you know, she picks up the slack. And sometimes I do a little bit of this or a little bit of that. You know, we both have real life going on and businesses and this is It's like a piece of our puzzle. But we're doing this purely, you know, driven by fun and momentum, which is like our passion. But actually I lied This podcast is our passion. Momentum is like a version of the passion, where we get to take everything we talked about and teach you how to build a business strategy that's going to uplevel your business. You know, it's all driven by fun. And as soon as it stops being fun, it's going to end so we're going to keep having fun. And part of that is going to be running another cohort of momentum. And that starts soon. And, you know, if you're curious about momentum you want to get in, we only have 10 spots available. We keep it very intimate. And you can learn more about it at Teresa Lambert, backslash momentum. We have earlybird pricing on available right now. And it's gonna end at the end of September. So, you know, if you're just catching up to this, and it's already November, like you snooze, you lose. Why aren't you listening to us every week? Just kidding. And I know some of you do listen every week, and I love the messages and the comments that you know, we get from each of the episodes because our guests are quite dynamic and diverse. But you know, Teresa and I have had multiple five figure launches, I've had multiple five figure months, I've had five figure days. You know, I've been building my social media marketing business for over 13 years. My backgrounds in publicity. Like I will teach you what I know, I am an entrepreneur, I've been an entrepreneur since I was born. So what I talk about in my book, pulsing through my veins, Ron real stories from entrepreneur, but I will teach you what to do. And I will make sure you don't do what you shouldn't do, because I learned the hard way so you don't have to. and Theresa, she took a seven figure boutique hotel in Whistler to eight figures. Teresa knows what she's doing. So why not join us for that journey?

Theresa Lambert:

Yeah, and listen to the poll. Right, like listen to the poll, and part of being able to, to remain focused on your vision to keep working and put another foot in front of the other, you know, in this entrepreneurship journey, because it is a bloody roller coaster, right? Like, you know, there is no linear lineup, there is no climbing the entrepreneur ladder like that is bullshit. Like, yes, it's hard work doesn't mean you have to hustle. Yesterday's days, it sucks, doesn't mean it can't be fun. And the way you make it more fun is by working with people and surrounding yourself with people that you feel pulled towards. And that is like, troughs to pull. It's pulling you there. Because it's going to help you along that path to your vision that is taking an aligned action towards the vision you have towards the goal that you have to be having a thriving online business, a thriving service based business like to vt be able to do and, you know, live that live, like live your purpose, right? Like, this is what we're talking about here. Because I certainly don't wake up in the morning and be like, I'm gonna work, right. Like, I haven't felt like that in a long time. And some days have been Vidi Vidi shit, and I'm so grateful for the clients I get to work with for you know, Blair, because she's such a rock in my life and has become such a sounding board for me. And that's the other thing too, right? When you when you trust the people in your life, when you start having new sounding boards, like things shift, because you can say the thing that you're thinking that you don't feel comfortable saying because you dropped those people so much to hold that pain for you to hold that moment for you. And to just be like, Okay, can

Blair Kaplan-Venables::

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