On this week’s episode of Dissecting Success we had a lit up and highly activating conversation with Marcos Mendosa, on success, on healing trauma, on manifestation, on persistence, on healthy obsessions, on failure, on legacy work…This episode is pure GOLD, filled with depth and wisdom and literally leaving you wanting more “Marcos” in your life. Get ready…

About the Guest

As a high-ticket sales trainer and poet, Marcos Mendosa has built a reputation as the go-to-source for learning how to use communication as a superpower.

As the co-founder of Coachable, a coaches business development agency, Marcos has built a service model that helps optimize businesses by helping coaches focus on their genius while he and his team take care of their sales, branding, copy, and social media marketing. With his background as the Head Trainer of the Think and Grow Rich Institute, Marcos led the organization through a series of training programs that influenced thousands of people on how to integrate the principles of Napoleon Hill’s books into their lives.  

Marcos is originally from Toronto, Canada and has recently moved he and his family to Nosara, Costa Rica.

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IG: @_marcosmendosa


Video Dolores Cannon: https://www.lifemanagementtribe.com/videos/320/2653/dolores-cannon-on-life-after-death

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