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When Snapchat came out I set up an account but what I used it for, mostly, was sending cat pictures to my sister. Nowadays, more and more brands are hopping on the snapping bandwagon, so I revived my account and want to share with you

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How to Deal with Abusive Tweeters

One thing that is important to remember when running a Twitter account for a business is to include “tweeting hours.” This is especially important if you are an organization that has a lot of people tweeting you, complaining and engaging. This is crucial for when

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Stalking the Internet

One of the most important things that helps me stay ahead of the curve and educated on the social media and PR industry is ongoing education. Conferences can be expensive but there is an abundance of free and affordable resources out there that continuously educate

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Pedestrian Safety PSA

A project that I had the privilege of working on for Pacific Western Transportation, the parent company to PWTransit, was the creation of a Public Service Announcement which was focused on pedestrian safety. A small group of us were given this project and it involved: working with

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More Sleep = Success

For those of you who know me well, you know that I LOVE SLEEP. This is for a few reasons: I hate being tired and cranky. I love the wild dreams that my imagination takes me on. It’s healthy to rest the mind, body and

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Do You Need Help with Social Media?

One of the services that I offer is working with your team as a social media consultant. This means we create a social media strategy, detailed content posting schedule template and I provide a custom social media lesson (with everything in-between).  Recently, I was brought on

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Social Media: What I do and When

Some of you are curious about what I do on social media when so I thought I’d give you a snapshot of how I fit social media into my work week. I don’t post to every social media account for every client, every day but

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