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Social Media DON’TS

There is always a list of what you should or should not do with everything in life. Being a “Social Media Expert” (it just sounds so cheesy) I have a few suggestions of what not to do (“say”) on social media….especially if you are using

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Twitter Contests: An Outline

Have you ever thought about running a contest on Twitter but don’t know where to start. Here is a review of a few different types of Twitter contests. 1.     Creative Answer Contest In this type of contest followers are asked to answer a question from

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#HowICommute Project

#HowICommute Project  An ideal community would see sustainable transportation as a healthy and economically friendly lifestyle choice.  With the rapid evolution of digital media, the launch of a Transmedia project alongside a social media campaign would be desired way to inspire the movement of sustainable

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Reduce Work Place Stress by Bringing Your Pet Along

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 12, 2012 Reduce Work Place Stress by Bringing Your Pet Along  Surrey, BC, Canada– According to a new study by, workplace stress can be reduced by bringing along your pets to work, so Pets First created a day for that.

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Pinterest Webinar on Monday

        This workshop will help you learn: • How to set up boards • How to use each function on Pinterest • How and who to follow • PR Tips and Tricks • How to use Pinterest for business Please REGISTER to

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Social Media Policy

With the social media revolution upon us in full force, most companies (big and small) are making their presence known on social media. One thing that most companies forget to implement early on is a social media policy. A social media policy is a written

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Creative Juicer

Everyone is born with the ability to be creative. Sometimes it comes out naturally and sometimes you dig deep into your mind to find it. Maybe you own a creative juicer (do those exist?)! Here are some tips on what helps myself be creative: Going

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The Perfect Client

Have you ever made a list of the qualities for the perfect man or woman to spend the rest of your life with? Well, most of us ladies have made this very list in search of our dream man. Recently, I was thinking about who

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