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Committed to Quit Being So Overcommitted

I like to be busy but recently I suffered from something that happens from time to time that has reminded me to chill out. I am a victim of overcommitting! You see, sometimes things come up that I have to/want to say yes to and

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App Review: Squareready

You know what I found annoying, once upon a time? My awesome pictures not fitting into the square shape on Instagram. This was forcing me to edit my pictures and at times, compromise their integrity. I sucked it up until I discovered an app that

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Flirting with Instagram

If you have a business and use any type of social media, a platform that you should be on is Instagram. I have a big crush on this platform and I’m always flirting with it. Perhaps it’s the fact that it allows be to dabble

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Enhancing the Selfie

A “Selfie” is commonly known as a self-portrait photo. When taken tastefully and with a purpose, these can be great photos. It is not recommended that all of your posts on social media be selfies unless you are travelling alone, which (according to me) is the

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Who remembers writing book reports? Yah, we almost all do and you know what? I loved writing them because they help me pull together my lessons and thoughts on a particular book. Well, I just finished #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, Founder of NastyGal, and I

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Tweeting Live From an Event Checklist

Not everyone can make it to every event and a lot of the time, those people who couldn’t attend will have access to social media. If you are hosting any event (with a lesson, keynote speaker, a day full of speakers, etc…) you may want to explore

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The Social Media Tactical Plan

I’m a planner. I love plans. I love lists. I actually love writing everything out by hand! I do have the ability to spontaneous but most of the time, I need a plan (even if the plan is to be spontaneous). Who can relate? Regarding

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Earned Media: 5 Tips On How To Get It

Earned media is a common public relations term that is thrown around but businesses need to understand the importance of this term. Earned media is media coverage/publicity  that is gained through promotional efforts, such as advertising.  One can obtain their own earned media or they can

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